Installing Mac OS X 10.4.8 ON VMware Workstation 6.5 – Part 2(Installing Mac OS X)

Once the VM is started it will boot to the Mac OS X image.

Screenshots step by step

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-30-37

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-30-48

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-35-40

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-36-30

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-36-42

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-36-55

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-37-37

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-38-04

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-38-09

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-38-24

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-38-28

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-38-51

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-13

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-23

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-34

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-23

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-34

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-39-38

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-40-29

JaS MacOSX-10.4.8-2009-06-09-18-40-34

Voila !!! Click on Restart and the VM will now boot into Mac OS X.
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